Listen to what

I’m saying


(Person Centred Care and the Single Assessment Process)

Video and DVD

Please note: CPA no longer holds stocks of the DVD but the video can still be ordered.





Listen to what I’m saying...


The film shows health and social care professionals working directly with individuals and their carers. There are no actors, and no prepared scripts. It shows what a difference a person centred approach makes to individuals with many/complex needs.

The film links the Single Assessment Process, as the person centred health and social care framework, with other Department of Health policies e.g. Long Term Conditions with its emphasis on Case Management. It outlines key principles of person centred care that are evolving including holistic assessment, personalised care plans, sharing information, continuity and coordination and self care/self management.

A highlight of the film is to hear the views of the individuals and carers themselves in 3 Case Studies with a Social Worker, Community Matron and a Community Mental Health Nurse.



The DVD (not the video) also includes 3 other films, Note: the DVD is no longer available.


‘Patients as Teachers‘ (Lewisham health and social care film with older people explaining how they wish to be assessed - the inspiration for ‘Listen to What I’m Saying’


‘Are We Being Heard?’ (Hounslow staff training film made by older people about older people with an emphasis on having control over their own lives e.g. using Direct Payments)


‘Cold Tea’ (Workforce Directorate, Cumbria and Lancashire Strategic Health Authority introductory film about the Single Assessment Process)


To obtain copies of the video write to Centre for Policy on Ageing, 25-31 Ironmonger Row, London EC1V 3QP    Telephone 020 7553 6500    Email


Further information and supplementary documentation to accompany the video is available through the CPA SAP Resource