National Service Framework for Long Term Conditions

This NSF sets 11 quality requirements to transform the way health and social care services support people with long-term neurological conditions to live as independently as possible. Although the NSF focuses on people with long-term neurological conditions, much of the guidance it offers can apply to anyone living with a long-term condition. It is designed to be a key tool for delivering the government's strategy to support people with long term conditions outlined in the NHS Improvement Plan: Putting People at the Heart of Public Service.

The quality requirements are based on currently available evidence:

  1. A person centred service
  2. Early recognition, prompt diagnosis and treatment
  3. Emergency and acute management
  4. Early and specialist rehabilitation
  5. Community rehabilitation and support
  6. Vocational rehabilitation
  7. Providing equipment and accommodation
  8. Providing personal care and support
  9. Palliative care
  10. Supporting family and carers
  11. Caring for people with neurological conditions in hospital or other health and social care settings

These quality requirements are designed to put the individual at the heart of care and to provide a service that is efficient, supportive and appropriate at every stage from diagnosis to end of life.





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