Policy and Research Department

CPA's policy and research work covers a broad range of issues having an impact on ageing and older age, including health and social services, residential care, social support, independent living, financial inclusion, housing and lifetime neighbourhoods, and rights and risks. In particular it is concerned with the analysis of public policy as it affects older people, research into related issues and the promotion of good practice in service design and provision.

Policy and research

CPA's independent status enables it to take a flexible approach to research and policy analysis. The Centre initiates it own research programme seeking funds from outside sources; it takes on research work directly commissioned and funded by other bodies, including independent sector organisations; it acts as a consultancy undertaking reviews for health trusts and local authorities, analysing services for older people and making recommendations for future development; the Centre also works in partnership with other research/academic institutions seeking specialised input on older age issues.

From 2015 to 2024, Centre for Policy on Ageing collaborated with the Research Department of Epidemiology and Public Health, Dental Public Health group,at University College London.
This included CPA contributions to ORA (Open Research Area for the Social Sciences) submissions in 2015 and 2017, an interview for the 'Sugar in Care Homes' study and involvement throughout the TOPIC research study: Improving the oral health of older people in care homes', which ran from 2018 to 2024.

Examples of other topics include:
  • future ageing of the ethnic minority population in England and Wales
  • self directed support
  • ageism and age discrimination in health services and social care
  • financial abuse and money management in later life
  • independent living for older people with high support needs
  • person centred care and the single assessment process
  • the information needs of older people
  • assessing the quality of health and social services provision
  • housing and living arrangements
  • rights and risk
  • advocacy

Promotion of good practice

CPA has extensive links with practitioners in many fields. Over the years it has built up a reputation for innovative thinking in residential and community care, design for daily living, establishing the balance between risk and safety, and ensuring the voices of older people are heard by policy makers and service providers.

In 1984, the Centre published its landmark code of good practice for residential care, Home Life, sponsored by the DHSS. This was followed up, twelve years later in 1996, by the publication A Better Home Life. These two documents have had a major influence on the quality of residential care for older people. Following on from this work, CPA was commissioned by the Department of Health to develop new standards for the inspection of care homes under the new Care Standards Act 2000. Community Life: a code of practice for community care was published in 1990 and, in 1995, Citizen Advocacy with Older People: a code of good practice.

If you would like further details of CPA's policy and research work or to discuss potential work, please contact the Director.

CPA Briefings

CPA Briefings highlight key issues arising from policy and research work undertaken by the Centre for Policy on Ageing.

Briefing documents are available for the following areas:

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