National Database of Ageing Research (NDAR)

THE NATIONAL DATABASE OF AGEING RESEARCH (NDAR) is a freely available online resource established by the Centre for Policy on Ageing.

NDAR aims to be a fully comprehensive resource of recent and ongoing research within the UK on all non-medical aspects of ageing and older age. The intention is to make research activities easily accessible to researchers and users of research, and to develop a network of shared learning.

The database contents are drawn from research projects, both internally and externally funded, being carried out within

  • the academic sector
  • voluntary and independent sector
  • local and central government
  • and independent 'think tanks'

The subject areas are wide ranging covering health and social care; pensions, work and retirement; social exclusion; poverty; European initiatives; demographics; housing; transport; residential care; independent living; quality of life issues, and more.

The research details are collected by:

  • CPA information staff tracking and monitoring current research
  • researchers entering and editing details of their own research projects

The database is fully structured and searchable and covers all aspects of the research including:

  • the researching organisation
  • title of the research
  • aims
  • a summary of findings
  • subject keywords
  • research methods used
  • researchers and other staff involved
  • funding type and funding body
  • budget
  • start/end dates and duration
  • research outputs including publications and whether the results and data from the research are publicly available

Researchers are invited to access this first stage of the developing NDAR at and add details of current research projects. These can be updated as the project progresses. CPA moderates all entries before they appear live on the database. It is hoped that full details of research projects within the New Dynamics of Ageing and other research programmes will be tracked via NDAR.

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