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Interrelations between subjective health and episodic memory change in Swedish and Canadian samples of older adults
Author(s)Åke Wahlin, Scott B Maitland, Lars Bäckman
Journal titleInternational Journal of Aging and Human Development, vol 57, no 1, 2003
Pagespp 21-36
KeywordsHealth [elderly] ; Memory and Reminiscence ; Mental clarity ; Correlation ; Longitudinal surveys ; Canada ; Sweden.
Annotation105 people aged 75-84 in the Swedish Kungsholmen Project and 71 in the Canadian Victoria Longitudinal Study were examined over a 3-year period regarding their subjective health ratings and episodic memory performance. Results showed that in both samples, while this cross-sectional relationship was non-significant, longitudinal change in perceptions of subjective health were related to change in episodic memory performance. Next, two examples were combined in additional analyses. Here, results further revealed that the association between longitudinal change and subjective health and memory performance generalised across samples independently of demographic, changing physical health status, and subjective memory decline differences. Thus, these findings suggest that subjective health may be added to the growing number of individual difference variables that are predictive of episodic memory change in very old age. (RH).
Accession NumberCPA-040405217 A
ClassmarkCC: DB: DF: 49: 3J: 7S: 76P

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