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Ransackers on the 'The Learning Curve'
Ransackers students shared their experiences on  BBC Radio 4’s  The Learning Curve presented by Libby Purves, on Monday 30 June 2008,  20.30-21.00 and repeated the following Sunday 23.00-23.30.
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Ransackers 'Ransacker' - the Gaelic word rannsachadh meaning search, explore, scrutinise, discover, plunder etc - originally Old Norse.

Ransackers is the official name of a bold educational opportunity for older people launched by Better Government for Older People (BGOP) as a UK pilot in April 2004. Ransackers students choose, with the help of tutors, a project of their own design. The idea for a project, question, or topic will come from the individuals own thinking and reflection on their experience of life and work, and their concerns and interests in today's world. Ransacker students live/study side by side with younger adults and this in itself is an enriching education from which both young and old benefit.
The Ransackers Project is now running at four adult educational residential colleges, Ruskin in Oxford, Fircroft in Birmingham, Northern near Barnsley, South Yorkshire and Hillcroft (women only) in Surrey. Students can attend the University of Brighton and University of Strathclyde Glasgow as day students, and 'taster' courses are being offered by Queen Margaret University Edinburgh and Coleg Harlech in Wales. Each college and university has full support services, including IT, literacy and numeracy skills teaching.
The project is open to people over the age of 50 who have not previously benefited from higher education and is free for eligible students.
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