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Ageing as a challenge for sociological theory
Author(s)Martin Kohli
Journal titleAgeing and Society, vol 8, part 4, December 1988
Pagespp 367-394
KeywordsAgeing process ; Sociology, Social Science ; Theory.
AnnotationThe sociology of ageing has often turned to general sociology in search of useful theoretical approaches, but here has been little cognitive influx back into general theory. By this one-sided relation, the sociology of ageing has typically constituted itself as an applied field. However, problems of an ageing society challenge some of the foundations of sociological theory. This paper deals with some of the systematic issues that arise and takes as its point of departure that modern society has been theoretically conceived as a "work society". If social life is structured around work and its organisation, how can we theoretically cope with a situation in which a large part of the population has left the domain of formally organised work? This question is discussed on three levels: the structure of social inequality; cultural meaning structures; and socialisation, e.g. reminiscence instead of a "situational" orientation. (KJ).
Accession NumberCPA-891011014 A
ClassmarkBG: S: 4D

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