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Anxiety as an outcome symptom of depression in elderly and middle-aged adults
Author(s)Dan Blazer, Dana C Hughes, Nancy Fowler
Journal titleInternational Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry, vol 4, no 5, Sept-Oct 1989
Pagespp 273 - 278
KeywordsAnxiety ; Depression ; Middle aged ; United States of America.
AnnotationEarly morning anxiety was reported as a symptom in 32.1% of 131 elderly and middle-aged patients hospitalised for depression one to two years following hospitalisation. Two-thirds of those patients complaining of early morning anxiety also complained of anxiety at other times during the day. The demographic and system profile of subjects complaining of early morning anxiety did not differ on a variety of indices from subjects complaining of anxiety throughout the day at follow-up, except that early morning anxiety was associated with a less severe symptom profile at follow-up. These results suggest that early morning anxiety is a less severe presentation of mixed depression/anxiety in patients who do not recover completely from an episode of major depression, regardless of age.
Accession NumberCPA-891212018
ClassmarkENP: ENR: SE: 7T

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