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Alcohol use and abuse in the elderly
 — findings from the Liverpool longitudinal study of continuing health in the community
Author(s)Paul A Saunders, John R M Copeland, Michael E Dewey
Journal titleInternational Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry, vol 4, no 2, Mar/April 1989
Pagespp 103 - 108
KeywordsAlcoholism ; Longitudinal surveys ; Liverpool.
AnnotationProblem drinking and patterns of alcohol consumption are examined as part of a follow-up study of 1070 elderly subjects randomly selected from Liverpool general practitioner lists. Using a community version of the Geriatric Mental State Examination, the prevalence of current drinking problems was found to be 9.4/1000 subjects aged 65 and over. At follow-up three years later, one-third were drinking moderately and a similar proportion whose health had seriously deteriorated were abstinent. Detailed examination of drinking patterns reveals a decline with age in the number of subjects drinking regularly. This decline is accompanied by a trend towards reduction in alcohol consumption with age which is less marked for women. Nearly one-fifth of both males and females who are drinking regularly are exceeding recommended sensible limits of alcohol consumption.
Accession NumberCPA-891219074
ClassmarkETA: 3J: 84B

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