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Family change, caste and the elderly in a rural locale in Nepal
Author(s)Melvyn C Goldstein, Cynthia M Beall
Journal titleJournal of Cross-Cultural Gerontology, vol 1, no 3, 1986
Pagespp 305-316
KeywordsSocial characteristics [elderly] ; Nepal.
AnnotationThe following are examined in this research conducted in a rural Nepalese Hindu community: the nature of family structure of older people some four decades previously; whether the family structure at that time was the same for high and low castes; and whether the past situation differs to that of the 1980s. 40 years previously, 78% of older high caste males were living in the ideal Hindu joint family structure compared with only 24% of the low castes. In the 1980s, just 50% of high castes and 42% of the low castes were living in joint families. The difference in the past derives from access to economic resources. Economic changes since 1950 have increased access to economic resources and altered the family structure of the high castes but not the low castes. (RH).
Accession NumberCPA-901129024
ClassmarkF: 7FN

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