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Age related decrement in hearing for speech
 — sampling and longitudinal studies
Author(s)Moe Bergman, Vera G Blumenfeld, Debra Cascardo
Journal titleThe Journals of Gerontology, vol 31, no 5, 1976
Pagespp 533-38
KeywordsHearing Impairment ; Ageing process ; Longitudinal surveys.
AnnotationA 10-year study was conducted in which 282 adults in age decades 20s to 80s were tested in a comprehensive battery of tasks requiring the perception of speech under a variety of conditions in which the speech signal was degraded. The original results were plotted to reveal differences in performance of the population sample in each decade. In follow-up studies after 3 years and 7 years, samples of the original subject population were retested. The results of the first, stratified sampling and of the longitudinal studies are compared. The two most apparent trends are: the perception of degraded (distorted and competed) speech undergoes a noticeable decline beginning with the 5th decade of life; and the decline is sharply steeper in the 7th decade.
Accession NumberCPA-930423106 A
ClassmarkBV: BG: 3J *

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