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Behavioral management of geriatric insomnia
Author(s)Charles Morin, Stephen R Rapp
Journal titleClinical Gerontologist, vol 6, no 4, Summer 1987
Pagespp 15-23
KeywordsSleep disorders.
AnnotationInsomnia is a major health problem and is especially prevalent in the elderly. Despite their widespread use, drug treatments have serious shortcomings. This paper summarises these limitations and presents alternative non-pharmacological methods for treating geriatric insomnia. Educational and behavioural interventions, including alteration of sleep environment, stimulus control procedures, lifestyle modifications, and stress-management procedures are described. The importance of delineating the specific nature of sleep disturbances as well as their contributing factors and tailoring treatment to the patient's needs is discussed. Recommendations for clinical practice and for implementation of treatment methods are made. (KJ).
Accession NumberCPA-930504066

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