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Can drug compliance in the elderly be improved?
Author(s)I Wandless, J W Davie
Journal titleBritish Medical Journal, vol 1, 5 February 1977
Pagespp 359-361
KeywordsDrugs ; In-patients.
AnnotationThree instruction schemes for self-medication in older patients were designed and compared to see whether they improved drug compliance. Forty-six patients in two rehabilitation units were divided into three different groups. Each group was instructed verbally on the nature and amount of their medication. One group was also given a tear-off calendar and a second group a tablet identification card as a memory aid. Patients were then responsible for taking their own medicine for 14 days. Those with calendars made fewer errors than those with cards, and those with either a card or a calendar made significantly fewer errors than those given only standard instructions. (AKM).
Accession NumberCPA-930510045 A
ClassmarkLLD: LF7 *

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