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Changing demands made by senile dementia patients on the National Health Service
Author(s)J A Stilwell, Christine Hassall, Sue Rose
Journal titleJournal of Epidemiology and Community Health, vol 38, 1984
Pagespp 131-133
KeywordsPsychogeriatric units ; Patients ; Mental disorder ; Worcester.
AnnotationStudies undertaken in 1976 and 1981 examined the appropriateness of special units planned for severely mentally infirm patients in Worcester Health District. The numbers of planned places matched the totals of patients, but the nature of provision was wrong. The new units were planned for able bodied but demented patients, with a relatively low staff/patient ratio. The number of these patients had fallen by a third, being replaced by patients who needed heavy physical nursing care. The new units would therefore not be able to fulfil their planned role of providing cheaper care than did the geriatric or psychiatric hospitals. (RH).
Accession NumberCPA-930514073 A
ClassmarkLDM: LF: E: 8WOA *

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