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Cost implications of depression in older adults
Author(s)Gary L Gottlieb
Journal titleInternational Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry, vol 3, no 3, July-Sept 1988
Pagespp 191-200
KeywordsDepression ; Costs [care] ; United States of America.
AnnotationThe economic effects of mental disorder on individuals and their families and on society have received little scientific attention. Late life depression imposes substantial disability and it affects all spheres of function. Therefore, the development of rational health policy regarding this disorder requires prospective evaluation of related costs and the determination of the value of proposed interventions. A vigorous review and analysis of the existing literature provides a framework for synthesis of an aggressive research agenda which emphasizes four major areas: (1) Improved diagnostic rigour; (2) Integration of economic and epidemiological methods; (3) Microscopic studies of individual and family costs; (4) Interventional benefit/cost analysis. (KJ).
Accession NumberCPA-930521012
ClassmarkENR: QDC: 7T

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