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Gender, public policy and the oldest old
Author(s)Jane Sprague Jones, Carroll L Estes, Elizabeth A Binney
Journal titleAgeing and Society, vol 7, part 3, September 1987
Pagespp 275-302
KeywordsOlder women ; Octogenarians ; Policy ; Social policy ; United States of America.
AnnotationThose aged 85 and over are the fastest growing sub-population in the United States (US), in which women are markedly over-represented with a gender ratio of approximately 44 males to every 100 females. This paper examines the convergence of an expanding population of very old American women, many of whom live alone and in poverty, with a political climate of diminishing resolve to respond to needs that cannot be met within the family. The economic position, health status and living arrangements of women 85 and over are viewed as outcomes of historical and social factors that have affected them as a group throughout the lifespan. Likewise, policy toward older people - particularly very old women - is seen as a process of social construction, linked to broad historical and contemporary social structural issues. Policy options for older people are presented with respect to the degree to which they tackle both the immediate economic, health and long-term care needs of very old women, as well as enduring prospects for their well-being. (RH).
Accession NumberCPA-930610046 A
ClassmarkBD: BBM: QAD: TM2: 7T

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