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Gerontology and geriatrics in the Netherlands
 — some biological and medical aspects
Author(s)B L Knook, R J van Zonneveld
Journal titleZeitschrift für Alternsforschung, vol 29, no 4, 1975
Pagespp 361-371
KeywordsAgeing process ; Netherlands.
AnnotationIn 1973, there were about 1.4 million people aged 65 and over in the Netherlands, constituting 10.4% of the population. This percentage, the lowest in Western Europe due to a high birth rate, will increase. A sharp increase in the number of over 80s - particularly among women - is noted. Since more diseases and disabilities are found among the oldest women, health care and geriatrics will be directed increasingly at this population group. This situation points to the need for medical gerontological research. Whilst much attention has been paid to social aspects of ageing, much less has been done on a scientific approach to the processes of ageing. In this overview, the authors discuss experimental biological and clinical medical research.
Accession NumberCPA-930611042
ClassmarkBG: 76H *

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