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The social construction of ageing through work
 — economic structure and life-world
Author(s)Martin Kohli, Joachim Rosenow, Jurgen Wolf
Journal titleAgeing and Society, vol 3, part 1, March 1983
Pagespp 23-42
KeywordsAgeing process ; Employment of older people ; Social structure.
AnnotationThe analysis of modern-age stratification systems must be based on the social organisation of work. This requires a theoretical approach that takes into account the structure of economic production, but also the fact that work is a meaningful activity of human beings within their life-world. The task therefore consists of integrating 'materialist' and 'interpretive' approaches to social reality. This integration is attempted in an examination of the special problems encountered by workers in the second half of their work life, as created by the 'construction of ageing' in industrial firm. Existing approaches drawn from industrial sociology stress structural features of the production process, whilst labelling theory stresses culturally induced age labels. Both are one-sided. A more comprehensive approach has to conceptualise the industrial firm as an actor with strategies based on economic rationality and as a life-world constituted by what is taken for granted by its members. The final section applies this framework to an empirical case study. (KJ/RH).
Accession NumberCPA-930813036 A
ClassmarkBG: GC: TM

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