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Some characteristics of non-surviving subjects in a three-year longitudinal study of elderly people living at home
Author(s)Anne J J Gilmore
Journal titleGerontologia Clinica, vol 17, 1975
Pagespp 72-79
KeywordsPhysical characteristics [elderly] ; Mental health [elderly] ; Social characteristics [elderly] ; Living in the community ; Ill health ; Longitudinal surveys.
AnnotationA random sample of 300 people aged 65 and over and living in their own homes was studied intensively by staff of the University of Glasgow Department of Geriatric Medicine. Physical, psychiatric, social and dietetic data was collected during the period 1969-71, with a follow-up study in 1972-74. The relationship between survivors and non-survivors was considered with regard to 25 characteristics representative of the first survey data. No significant difference was found between survivors and non-survivors for age, sex, marital status, or the inadequate intake of various nutrients. Factors which related to mortality at the three-year interval were the presence of arteriosclerotic disease, central nervous system disease, organic brain syndrome, and other psychiatric disorders, limitation of mobility, physical disability, cigarette smoking, poor recent memory and calculation ability.
Accession NumberCPA-930817043
ClassmarkBA: D: F: K4: CH: 3J *

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