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Older People in Ageing Research - Imagining Futures
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92 pp
ISBN 978-0-90413-914-3
175 x 246mm

Imagining Futures: Methodological Issues for Research into Ageing
edited by Joanna Bornat and Rebecca L. Jones

Older people are sometimes assumed not to be future-oriented, while younger people often assume that to talk about the future in the presence of an older person is either insensitive or irrelevant. Evidence from research suggests that such assumptions are far off the mark. Nevertheless they affect how the future is spoken of and engaged with by researchers. The papers included in this volume address these contradictions, focusing appropriately, given the series in which they are included, on methodological issues arising from asking people to imagine the future and their own ageing.

No 13 The Representation of Older People in Ageing Research Series

A joint series from the Centre for Ageing and Biographical Studies at the Open University and the Centre for Policy on Ageing


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