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Living Arrangements - Our Homes Our Lives
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ISBN 9781901097856
216 x 138mm 224 pp

Our Homes, Our Lives: Choice in Later Life Living Arrangements
edited by Keith Sumner

'A comprehensive summary of the main historical and contemporary issues in British housing provision for older people. ... the varied, thought-provoking and accessible writing ... make it valuable to students, practitioners and policy makers alike.' Ageing and Society

'I found this book very illuminating as it takes a broader view than that usually expressed in social work and social care. Social workers should read it because it will make them question some of the values and assumptions that they may make about appropriate care strategies for older people. I recommend this book to those working with older people.'
Professional Social Work

Where and how older people live can have a huge impact on their quality of life. Our Homes, Our Lives explores what housing choices are available as we grow older, and challenges some of the stereotypes that surround older people, which have in the past influenced housing and care policy. It aims to open up this debate and get those involved in shaping and providing services to take a fresh look at the issue, from the viewpoint of older people.

The authors are leading academics and researchers within a range of disciplines; senior professionals from the housing and social care fields; and senior managers of housing and care provider organisations.


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