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Citizenship and Culture - Religion, Spirituality and Older People
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ISBN 9780904139938
297 x 210mm 90pp
CPA Report 25
Religion, Spirituality and Older People
Kenneth Howse

'This is an invaluable book about an extremely difficult subject which is largely neglected. ... I heartily recommend [it] because it asks such valuable questions.'
Professional Social Work

'[Kenneth Howse] disentangles the issues, sets out most straightforwardly the questions that need to be asked and develops and sustains a series of arguments throughout the book with great clarity. - essential reading.'
Journal of Dementia Care

This report sets out research on the connection between religion, spirituality and 'successful' ageing - much of it conducted in the US - and highlights pertinent questions for public policy makers in light of the research findings. The first two chapters bring together available information on the religious commitment of older people in Britain and the churches' perceived responsibilities towards them both physically and spiritually. The report then goes on to provide a wide-ranging assessment of the connection between religion and 'successful' ageing examining the role of organised religion and exploring the issue of spirituality and older people in terms of meeting need, promoting wellbeing and coping with ill health.



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